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What Do You Wonder?

The Water Balance Model team receives questions on a continuing basis from Water Balance Model users. Some are experienced water resource practitioners. Many are not. Regardless, Jim Dumont will take the time necessary to patiently explain basic principles.

What Do You Wonder? – Just Ask Jim Dumont!

Jim Dumont is the Engineering Applications Authority for the Water Balance Model Partnership. He is a recognized specialist in hydrologic modelling. For many years, he has been teaching modelling seminars as part of the professional development program provided by the Association Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. Jim Dumont evolved the Water Balance Methodology to address the relationship between rainfall volume control and resulting flow rates in
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How Does Water Get to a Stream?

“The discussion of interflow seems to be generally new in the presentation but welcome nonetheless. Is the software addressing movement in all directions? Jim mentioned the “sideways” component which is typically less than the vertical migration component in unsaturated soils. Does the program address saturated conditions that are common in fine grain soils during the winter?”

What Are the Infiltration Results Really Telling Us?

“I’m currently using the online Water Balance Model to develop a pre-to-post development water balance for a site in Ontario. I’m struggling to find agreement between the infiltration values from the online model and the ‘Thornthwaite and Mather’ (T&M) method of estimating infiltration. Would you please provide me with guidance on how I could improve the model that I am working on?”

How to Model a Grass Swale Next to a Road?

“I’m trying to model a grass swale next to a road, however, my results seem almost ‘too good to be true’. I added an infiltration swale without underdrain within the “Design Source Controls – Surface Enhancements” tab. And then added the grass swale area and impervious paving under ‘Apply Source Controls’ tab. Is this the correct route to go if I just want to model a grass swale adjacent to a road segment?”

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