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Regulatory Context

The “Beyond the Guidebook Seminar” in November 2007 was designed to inform local government and land use practitioners in British Columbia regarding the emerging policy framework and senior government expectations for applying a ‘design with nature’ approach to land development and watershed management.

Released in 2002, ‘Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia’ has proven to be a catalyst for action

The core premise of the Guidebook is that land development and watershed protection can be compatible. This also suggests that urban watershed restoration is achievable over time. The Guidebook signified a paradigm-shift. “The Guidebook applied a science-based understanding, developed the water balance methodology to establish performance targets, and demonstrated that urban watershed restoration could be accomplished over a 50-year timeframe as and when communities redevelop,” states Peter Law.

Integration of Rainwater Management & Green Infrastructure in British Columbia: A Provincial Perspective

Released in June 2007, ‘Beyond the Guidebook’ refers to a runoff-based approach to drainage modeling that connects the dots between source control evaluation and stream health assessment. Beyond the Guidebook foreshadowed release of Living Water Smart, British Columbia’s Water Plan and the Green Communities Initiative in 2008. According to Chris Jensen, the key message from the Province was that today’s expectations for green infrastructure are tomorrow’s standards.

Moving from Stormwater Management to RAINwater Management: A Federal Fisheries Perspective

The ‘Beyond the Guidebook’ provincial initiative is co-sponsored by the Green Infrastructure Partnership and the Water Balance Model Partnership. The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and provincial Ministry of Community Services are on the steering committees for both partnerships. According to Corino Salomi, a key message from DFO is that RAINwater management is about protecting stream health, not just how much runoff volume can be infiltrated.