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2007 Beyond the Guidebook Seminar attracts a province-wide audience

“We started the day with high expectations that the Beyond the Guidebook Seminar would prove to be a transformational event, and we exceeded those expectations as the day unfolded. Further, my prediction is that this event will become part of our green infrastructure folklore,” stated Kim Stephens. “A key is that those who were there come away inspired and start doing things differently in their day jobs as a result of what they learned by being part of the moment.”

Inter-Governmental Partnership rolls out “Beyond the Guidebook” at 2007 Water Balance Model Partners Forum

“The experience of the Greater Vancouver region shows how important it is to have a way to bring the right people together at the right time, and in so doing build a network that can make things happen. Looking back, much of what we have collectively accomplished in recent years in the field of rainwater management can be traced back to relationships that were formed through the GVRD’s Stormwater Interagency Liaison Group (SILG). In fact, development of the first spreadsheet version of the Water Balance Model was funded by SILG in 2001,” stated Laura Maclean.

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