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What Do You Wonder? – Just Ask Jim Dumont!

Jim Dumont is the Engineering Applications Authority for the Water Balance Model Partnership. He is a recognized specialist in hydrologic modelling. Jim Dumont evolved the Water Balance Methodology to address the relationship between rainfall volume control and resulting flow rates in streams; and developed the Stream Health Methodology as the technical foundation for the ‘Beyond the Guidebook’ initiative in 2007. This methodology correlated stream erosion as a measure of stream health.

Watershed-Based Rainwater Management: Beyond the Guidebook Primer Series adds depth to “Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan”

“Since 2007, the Beyond the Guidebook initiative has been building on the technical foundation created a decade ago when the Province and Environment Canada jointly released Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia. The Beyond the Guidebook Primer Series is adding depth to Living Water Smart,” explains Kim Stephens. “The goal is to mimic the Water Balance, with emphasis on the ‘how-to’ details of integration and implementation.”

Environment Canada and CMHC funded development of “Stream Erosion Module” (2010)

“The scope of work involves extending the QUALHYMO engine and WBM interface so as to enable assessment of natural stream sections and development of an erosion index for watershed scenario comparison and development of mitigation methodologies,” explained Laura Maclean. Erosion is a key factor in water resources management. A principal result of increased volumes and rates of flow associated with urbanization is the consequent increase in stream erosion

City of Calgary and CMHC funded development of “Water Re-Use from Storage Module” (2010)

“The addition of the Water Re-Use from Storage Module will increase the versatility of the Water Balance Model as a key tool in the City of Calgary’s toolbox of Low Impact Development strategies,” states Liliana Bozic. “Primary goals of the City’s Stormwater Strategy encompass developing cost-effective and sustainable rainwater/stormwater solutions that will work with our climate and soils. Rainwater harvesting is an area of interest that we have been working on for a number of years.”

Online video tutorial introduces Water Balance Model Express for Landowners

“When our long term collaborator at the District of North Vancouver, Richard Boase, informed us of some of the new tools available to support rainwater management and planning in the District, I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate them into an assignment for the Urban Watershed Management course,” states Julie Wilson. “The students appreciated the power and utility of these kinds of tools to engage with the public on issues of development and rainwater management.”

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