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Watershed-Based Rainwater Management: Beyond the Guidebook Primer Series adds depth to “Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan”

“Since 2007, the Beyond the Guidebook initiative has been building on the technical foundation created a decade ago when the Province and Environment Canada jointly released Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia. The Beyond the Guidebook Primer Series is adding depth to Living Water Smart,” explains Kim Stephens. “The goal is to mimic the Water Balance, with emphasis on the ‘how-to’ details of integration and implementation.”

Article in Canadian Water Resources Association RUNOFF Newsletter (2008): “Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO integrates the site with the watershed and the stream”

The April 2008 issue of Runoff includes an article co-authored by Paul Ham, Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership. The article highlights several key messages in providing a concise overview of the considerations that have led to integration of two hydrologic models. The significant benefit of the “new Water Balance Model” is the resulting emphasis on strategy and alternative implementation methodologies, as well as the focus on a multitude of design details available to achieve the desired objectives.

Article in Stormwater Magazine (2011): “Rainwater Management in a Watershed Context – What’s the Goal?”

Co-authored by Kim Stephens (shown) and Jim Dumont, the article elaborates on how science-based understanding has informed the process for moving from awareness to action in British Columbia. The article also provides the “convening for action” context for development and application of the Water Balance Model to achieve green infrastructure outcomes. “While land use and infrastructure professionals are using a similar vocabulary on both sides of the border, our goals appear different,” they wrote.