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Sustainable Rainwater Management: Capital Regional District hosted third in 2012-2013 series of “Water Balance Model Training Workshops

“CRD hosted the workshop because it informs and supports the goals of the region’s Integrated Watershed Management Implementation Strategy. Local governments have many competing priorities and everyone is challenged to achieve more with the same resources in order to reduce risk, improve watershed health and comply with regulatory requirements,” stated Dale Green.

Sustainable Rainwater Management: Regional District of Nanaimo hosted second in 2012-2013 series of “Water Balance Model Training Workshops”

“The workshop was an opportunity for planning, engineering and other local government staff – especially managers and supervisors – to gain an understanding and appreciation of core concepts: lighten the ‘water footprint’, achieve more at less cost, adapt to climate change, and protect stream and watershed health! Representatives from ten local governments from four regions on the east coast of Vancouver Island attended,” reported John Finnie.

Cowichan Valley Regional District hosted “2012 Forum on Sustainable Rainwater Management: What Does It Look Like?”

“The Forum is the kick-off for an Inter-Regional Education Initiative to be implemented in four regions over several years. Sharing of experiences, collaboration, alignment and a consistent approach on Vancouver Island will allow everyone to go farther, more efficiently and effectively,” stated Kate Miller. “Five local governments comprising the Cowichan Valley Regional Team will report out on how each has progressed since 2008. Our emphasis will be on “targets and criteria”, lessons learned, and practices necessary to protect stream health.”

Sustainable Rainwater Management: Okanagan Basin Water Board hosts first in 2012–2013 Series of “Water Balance Model Training Workshops”

If climate change mitigation is about greenhouse gases, climate change adaptation is about water. “A number of tools, in particular the Water Balance Model, have been created to help municipalities adapt to climate change. The Okanagan Basin Water Board will be hosting a workshop to get these tools in the hands of the people that need them by bringing in the experts to answer questions and provide hands-on training,” announces Anna Warwick Sears

“Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO” launched at 2008 Partners Forum

Ted van der Gulik reports that the “new Water Balance Model” was successfully launched at the 2008 Partners Forum on February 29, 2008. Hosted by the District of North Vancouver and conducted as a Town Hall meeting in the Council Chamber, the Forum audience comprised fifty-six Project Partners, Paying Subscribers and Guests. A special guest was Tom Puttman, representing the City of Portland Stormwater Advisory Committee. The theme for the Forum was “Beyond the Guidebook: The New Business As Usual.”

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